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Take a look at my gallery. Be sure to comment and fave.
I recommend to look at my recent art. They improved more than my much older art.



Mar 6, 2015
4:29 am
Mar 6, 2015
4:21 am
Mar 6, 2015
4:14 am
Mar 6, 2015
3:59 am
Mar 6, 2015
3:46 am

April 4th is Season 5. :) 

70 deviants said :icondashishappyplz: : Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! (Typical Brony Response)
39 deviants said :icondashieshockplz: : Okay, cool. (I'm glad, but not in a super excited way.)
16 deviants said :icondashwhateverplz: : I don't give a flying feather. (I don't care.)


April 4th is Season 5. :)
70 deviants said :icondashishappyplz: : Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! (Typical Brony Response)
39 deviants said :icondashieshockplz: : Okay, cool. (I'm glad, but not in a super excited way.)
16 deviants said :icondashwhateverplz: : I don't give a flying feather. (I don't care.)
Twilight Practice by ScoBionicle99
Twilight Practice
I just wanted to try out a slightly different style from how I usually draw ponies, especially the eyes. Tell me what you think, please. 

And no, this is all I drew from her, it's not cropped. :3
Zoom Gals by ScoBionicle99
Zoom Gals
Yay, more nostalgia today. Remember Zoom? It was actually kinda fun to watch, and the theme song was nice. :D It's weird I still remember that address shown at the end of episodes. Enjoy!

I drew who I actually recognized... Zoe, Caroline, and Alisa, because why not. lol
This week has been interesting for me so far. Right here, I'm going to be very honest in this journal. It may not be the nicest things said, but I have a right to bring out my opinions just like everyone else. This was needed to be brought out from my heart and mind.

First of all, we all have guilty pleasures, correct? There's something you like, that a lot of people tend to hate. For me, as most of you know, a few examples from me are the controversial ones, Teen Titans Go! and Family Guy. I may have been very critical about them recently (which, I will explain later on here), but I still like watching these shows today. That being said, there are actual legitimate reasons why people won't like these series, and I will respect anyone who likes or dislike a series. However, it irritates me when someone directly insults a person for liking either shows. You're going to have to realize there are people who like anything, and I can see that some people simply can't accept that. I know that people expect actual effort from what they watch, but does EVERY cartoon need to be great like Avatar: The Last Airbender? And keep in mind, I'm not even the biggest fan of that show. I sure liked it, but I didn't have the same praising experience like others did.

The last thing I want to bring up is Mr. Enter. Honestly, for the past few weeks, I haven't been interested in watching his videos. While part of the reason is due to being occupied with other things, not only I become a bit weary of his abrasive attitude, but I'm honestly get tired the very devoted fans of his. And I am talking about the fanboys here. When I look up to see comments involving the Animated Atrocities videos, especially focusing Family Guy and Teen Titans Go!, it's the same generic comment along the lines of "I hate this show", "This show sucks", etc. Heck, some of them are more aggressive than critical.

Even myself, I noticed I've gotten more aggressive in my recent reviews, and while some people liked it... the problem I'm having, looking back at them, was that it didn't sound entirely like me. I sounded like another Enter. Heck, a few reviews from friends of mine (I'm not saying who) have been sounding a lot more aggressive. But hey, I'm sure they're very critical critics too, so I can't simply judge that, considering it's their own opinions, which I'll have to respect. But sometimes, I honestly get afraid to say something that I like, and they don't... That shouldn't happen, but it does, and I know it'll be a whole debate.

But, from all this, that's part of the reason I've been doing these TTG! Reviews on YouTube recently. Let's face it, a lot of reviews on Youtube are basically angry rants (with some that actually do bring up legitimate points). However, I like to bring both sides of an episode. Some people may like this, and others may not. And once again, I actually like talking about the show, so why not do something I personally like? :)

So overall, I feel like I needed to write this out, and I feel much better from doing so. You all don't have to agree, because that's honestly going to be something we have to accept. But I just need a break from the negativity that goes on here. Simply, you like what you like to watch, and you shouldn't feel bad about it. :nod:
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Which Nostalgic Mini-Batch would you like to see next? Highest vote will go first. :) (I'm doing all of these at some point, but the shows will be MY own choices)
74 deviants said Toon Disney (before Disney XD)
20 deviants said Old "Nick Jr." Shows
19 deviants said Discovery Kids (before The Hub)
10 deviants said PBS Kids (Part 2)
6 deviants said Playhouse Disney


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Hey, everyone! I'm Scobionicle99 a.k.a. Scotty H, and welcome to my Deviantart page! It's full of many cartoons I enjoy, and I want you to enjoy!

Here's my alternate account, which focuses more on my hobby in animation.

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Tanks fer da watch 'n favs!  Much appreciated.
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You're welcome!
pie012345 Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
just commenting to say that looking through your work just rushes back all the nostalgia and also things I still watch.  I pretty much recognized 98% of all the characters you have drawn.  

I like it.  

ScoBionicle99 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's cool to know, thanks!
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